Does Exercise Really Lead to Better Sex?

Published September 11, 2022 tag category
Does Exercise Really Lead to Better Sex?

Men’s Top 10 Sex Tips for Better Sex

Let’s face it guys: some of you need a few pointers in the bedroom. We’ve put together our top 10 sex tips to help you improve your sex life.

The Sexy Love Drug (Oxytocin)

Have you ever wondered why you or other people always go back to their ex’s or past lovers? And why couples that are terrible for each other, but can’t separate. I am about to explain why, scientifically!

4 Sex Myths That’s Preventing You From Enjoying Sex You Rightfully Deserve

We have heard lots of things about sex from our peers. But question is, which ones are true, and which ones are just pure lies? We’ve talked to a bunch of folks in the know, and they schooled us on what’s true, what’s false, and what’s just plain wishful thinking when it comes to sex…

How To Keep A Woman Attached – 3 Male Traits That Women Find Irresistible

Ever wondered how to keep a woman attached to you? If you’ve been having trouble keeping a relationship together, then the problem may not be in them — it might be in you. Here’s how to overhaul your love life and keep a woman emotionally engaged with you.

Sex Over Easy?

When loving relationships come to an end, people too often say that they miss “sex” most. In fact, what most of them mean is that the loss of physical and emotional intimacy is what really hurts them the most. There are good and bad ways to cope with those feelings.

How to Deal With wwwxxx Sexual Problems

A woman’s sexual sunshine sets a lot earlier than men’s. And while it is shining bright, they are beset with sexual problems made complicated by their reticence to share their problems with others; their inhibitions to open up or seek professional/medical help.

How to Activate Great Powers and Potentials Through Sex Energy Transmutation

Sex is a mighty urge to action; but its forces need control and direction. Fortunate indeed is the man or woman with a high sex drive, who has also learned the art of sexual energy transmutation. Through sex energy transmutation, you can tap into and draw from the inexhaustible reservoir of potent creative to achieve your heart’s desires. This short article tells you how: what to do, and what to expect!